I'm going to assume your here for the unfiltered intellect; nothing more, nothing less.
Welcome to my thoughts

*everything I write, that is of my own conception, is tagged: "-me"

*I write as looking into the mirror of my own soul, therefore, "you" is me, talking to me.
Please feel free to apply it to yourself.

I do realize the shoe is quite a snug fit, and everyone, including myself finds it unconfortable.  Never the less, it is for the betterment of my inner character to forgo comfort  and conformity for the sake of a kinder soul. -me

*If you quote me, do yourself a favor and give credit where credit is do. -me

From the Outside Looking In
On judging, let me say it like this: whenever you feel that you are about to form an opinion on anything I say, do, write or ware - don't.

I think; therefore I am...I was, and always will be. -me

Here I am supposed to detail my business, what I do and what sets me apart from the competion.  To that I say, this blog is not about business, so don't expect it to look like a linkedin account.  I think, I write, I muse and I debate; usually with myself.  I have no competion because I do not believe in competion for the sake of glory.  I create, as we all should.  What I create longs to seve you. And that is all.  -me